Items added to call tracker to deal with toll fraud

In Call Tracker there exist something called Filters that check for Calling Patterns.  The Toll Fraud feature uses certain selected Filters to check for abnormal Calling Patterns.  This is done by creating a particular Filter with the Fraud Criteria. Eg: International calls after hours.  Then this filter is applied to the Toll Fraud Alert Systems. The Toll Fraud Alert System uses the email settings and the selected calling pattern filters that were categorized as Fraud Filters.

When a Call enters Call Tracker and matches the Fraud Filter Criteria, an email is sent to as many as four (4) recipients that have been selected to receive emails about the fraudulent calls. These emails are sent in real time. The subject of the email will be “A call of interest made”.  The email body will contain the Call Detail as well as what particular filter matches the Call Criteria. To reduce possible email flooding, a timer can be set as to how often Fraud Alerts Recipients receive emails, in which case the email body will contain all the calls that were made from the last Email Fraud alert.

Operational Criterior

  1. Valid Settings for your SMTP Server.
  2. Valid filters that report Fraudulent Calling Patterns.
  3. A list of up to four (4) email recipients.
  4. Online call monitor must be opened at all times.
  5. The call tracker pc must be on the Company’s Network.